Gravity Well (the prototype)



Click here to play it!

Platform: PC, Unity Web Player
My contribution: Everything – Art, Game Design, Sound Design
Tools: Unity4, Photoshop CS5.5, Blender 3D, Bfxr
Fonts used: Market Deco


You are an interstellar traveler hopping from solar system to solar system.

Beginning on the second planet from a star, you must make your way to the outer solar system using interplanetary probes that teleport you from one celestial body to the next. You have limited fuel, so be mindful of the gravitational fields surrounding each of the planets and their moons. Use them to your advantage.


Gravity Well started off as a prototype to test out a movement mechanic I’ve been wondering about for a while. After I was satisfied with my first crack at it, I decided it would be fun to make some art for it and practice some game polishing skills. Although it’s only a mini-game, at best, I’m pretty satisfied with how this all turned out. I hope you enjoy it!