Jupiter Jerry’s Tour of the Kuiper Belt


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Platform: Unity Web Player(PC/Mac)
My contribution: (Pretty much everything) Design, Art, Programming/Scripting, Sound Design…
Tools: Unity Game Engine 3.5, Blender 3D, Photoshop CS5.5, Illustrator CS5.5, CrazyBump, Audacity


“Jupiter Jerry’s Tour of the Kuiper Belt” is a single-player, top-down space shooter. Your objective is to pulverize as many asteroids as you can before the increasing chaos around you destroys your ship.

I made this game to improve my understanding of the game development process, thus it was important for me to get my hands dirty in every way on this project. I did the art, game design, UI, sound production, sound design, concept work…etc. I wasn’t able to do it 100% alone, but I got pretty close.